Listen for our show on on Sunday at 7pm, Est

Listen for our show on on Sunday at 7pm, Est

This website is an expression of my internal spirituality related to God and my passion for people.

For several years now when I speak to audiences people have asked me where is my church. I would always tell them my church is internal as part of my community of self and extends to others through my speaking, and community work. You will find some stories of interest and the opportunity to log on and listen to our conversations through our show "spirituality in the mix" through podcast and live when available.


Featured interview with Jeff Haynes, Grammy & Audie Award wining Percussionist

In this interview Jeff shares how his Bajan heritage and the Beetles contributed to his success. He discusses family, spirituality and his insight on the music industry.


Videotaped on location in Jeff's Studio - all rights reserved




Raising the Roof Ministries has been an altar call for the past thirty years for Aubry Padmore who has dedicated himself to the exploration of God in our universe and how that premise provides an opportunity for us to live a comprehensively complete life.



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